The Masquerade

by Harmony Muzik

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released July 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Harmony Muzik Washington, D.C.

Harmony Muzik™ is a national touring and recording Urban/Hip Hop artist and songwriter, based out of D.C..

Her music has been featured on numerous websites, fm and internet radio stations, and print publications. Harmony Muzik™ is currently working on her 4th studio album and making travel plans for her next tour. Download all her current releases here on Bandcamp!
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Track Name: Masquerade ft. Whitefolkz
Come to the Party
Go get your Mask on,
Head to the back and,
Go get your dance on.
We gonna party all night long,
'Cause this "club" is open, all year long....

Hip Hop is a Masquerade (x2)
And Everybody's tryna to be, better than the rest
So what you see might never be,
What you're gonna get

Lemme welcome you to the masquerade
Where they do anything they can
to be the last to fade.
Errybody’s in disguise, but the story’s in the eyes.
If I cared enough to try,
then I’d read between the lines.
But I don’t have the patience
to deal with the conversations
Bout other people and places,
and things that are no relation
To anything that I’m doing,
or anything I’m pursuing
I can’t be holding the door,
when im trying to get my shoe in.
My city is full of wolves, fleas, snakes, and rats,
Fighting over small cheese, trying to scrape for scraps.
I try to stay away from ‘em
I’m from a small town
Everybody is connected, I aint trying to fall down.
I aint trying to fall off, and slide down the map
And when I just got to the top,
I’m comfortable with my surroundings.


(Verse 3)
Definitely Ballin If you ask me
Definitely Ballin, ask anyone,
they’ll say the same thing,
Mr. Whitefolkz and Harmony Muzik –
So dope on the same track//we don’t need no masks.
We the realest, illest, that you ever gonna get
And if you challenge this,
you might end up getting upset.
Cuz Hip Hop is a Masquerade,
a room full of fake emcees on parade,
But not me and Whitefolkz,
w/Black O.P.X., Topp Dogg Hill, toastin,
to the good life,
and a good year up
its Twenty-Ten and we got this,
so you can give the mask up.
Track Name: Last Night
I can't believe the sun's coming up right now,
All Last Night you drove me wild.
Whenever you need me, make that call,
Cuz Last Night we didn't sleep at all.
Track Name: No Words feat. Pro'Verb
Something in the air is electric baby,
I know,I know.
Maybe we should just find some place quiet,
To Go, to go.
Cause I feel so strongly, even though it was only
A Glance.
And you staring so hard that I feel like you own me
A Dance.

It's like we're standing in the middle of a million people
But we don't need No Words.
And the music is playing louder than we ever heard,
But we don't need No Words.

We don't need no,
We don't need no,
We don't need no words. (x2)

I think I got a little idea just bout what you
like, like, like.
But you ain’t gotta say no words
Your body language heard,
And I swear that it’s saying Verb
Won’t you come a little closer now
Other bammas try to hold me up,
But I’m thinking you should me down, now
Shorty dancing on me like she know me now.
She done told her girls to chill,
I done told my homies bounce.
DJ yelling last song
The club, they bout to close it down.
Shorty’s on fire,
I’m thinking maybe Ill hose her down.


(Verse 3)
Something bout the way you smiling
I know that you know (you know)
It only took a minute with you and now I’m ready
to go (to go)
Cuz your touching my body
like you already know what I like (oooh)
And you’re working so hard
that I feel like I owe you the night.
Track Name: Temporary Heartbreak
When I'm out on the dance floor,
I leave my heart at home.
Something 'bout the music, and you, and me together
got me falling temporarily in love...
Im Falling, Falling,
Falling, Falling,
Falling in Love with You!

(Verse 3)
I leave my heart at home
Cuz I can't take..
Another Temporary Heartbreak.
That's what you do to me,
Heartbreak, Heartbreak,
At the end of the Night!
Track Name: Nemesis
Im going going so fast
That Im blowing right past,
Every other car on the road except one.
So Now im flying thru the traffic w/ no signal on,
By the time they catch me, im a blur
I'll be long gone.
I see the tail light up ahead (yup)
That's the one Im chasing after,
Almost got em just a little faster.
In and out of lanes,
Full speed ahead,
As I pass by, Imma wave to my Nemesis.

We can Fight...
To the Death
You can be my Nemesis.
Oh oh oh oh oh woah
You can be my Nemesis.

No I'm in the lead but
That could change at any moment.
This relationship is so love hate motivated.
This is not a foe, not a friend
This is no joke, this is Nemesis.
Ya Nemesis knows what your next move Might be,
and they gonna do it better than you do it Slightly,
Just to keep you on your toes,
Cuz you both know,
Healthy competition's gonna make you both
Better for it!

Track Name: Trial By Fire- Interlude
This is not a 9 to 5
I put my life on it,
I'm in this 24/7 tryna Fight for it.
Thats the only way I know to play the game..
I'm Fire cuz im walking thru the flames,
Im walking thru the flames...
Im walking thru the flames...
Im walking thru the flames...
and by the time I reach the other side,
you goin know my name.
Track Name: Behind The Mask (Still Here)
They said I couldn't do it,
They said that i couldn't make it, but-
Nothings really given,
You want it you gotta take it...
So Im taking it all, taking it all,
I ain't leaving nothing to chance.
And now im gettting my worth,
Cuz I been putting in work,
So I'm taking what I deserve.
I'm taking it all, taking it all
I ain't even looking back!

They said I'd crumble
They said I'd fade away
and I wouldn't be standing here.
But they were wrong (Im still here)
They were wrong (Im still here)
I took my mask off,
I let my guard down,
and I conquered everything I feared.
They were wrong (I'm still here)
They were wrong (I'm still here)
And I'm still real.

(Verse 2)
They didn't want to let me in
but now im on a roll, I'm
Taking my place, Im kicking down doors
They can shut me out,
They can't turn me down,
Cuz ya girl gettin' way too loud.
You see a shooting star...
Can only shine so far,
But from a distance, you might witness
Me as I reach the Top.
Track Name: Broken
(Verse 1)
My mind must be playing tricks on me,
'cause even though you're right in front of me,
You're not the same person you used to be.
Now when I look in your eyes,
I don't feel the love I felt before,
You look like a million peices,
Shattered on the floor.

Come here, let me fix you baby,
I can put you back together again,
'Cause I can see that you're broken.
Come here, let me love you baby,
I can make you feel like your whole again,
'Cause I can see that you're broken.

(Verse 2)
I know that you're still in love with me,
But you don't know how to feel anything,
No (noooo)
I can see the look in your eyes,
Like there's something you want to say,
but you just turn around and walk away...


I know that I'm crazy,
For thinking I can fix you babe,
but this might be the only way.
I feel like I'm Broken too,
so Maybe if I just fix you,
We can both learn to love again.
Track Name: Come Home To Me
Come Home to Me
I didn't mean a thing,
I was caught in the moment,
When I said that you could "get gone"
Come Home to Me
Don't Youever leave,
'Cause I swear I love you more that anything

Come Home to me,
I need to make this thing right,
Im gonna do everything I know,
For you tonight.
Im gonna cook you a meal
Make love until you feel,
Like this love is serious,
This love is real (So Real)
Track Name: Living a Dream feat. K-Beta
Life ain't easy baby,
Nobody said it would be.
One minute you Got it,
Next thing you're fadin'.
And I know I got a lonely road,
I got lonely road ahead of me,
Cuz im doing the unthinkable,
I'm Living a Dream--
I been living my life//doing what I wanna
and ever since I been doin that//life so buttah
Life so smooth//life so sweet
Life looks good when you live life me.
I talk the talk//cuz I walk the walk
Thats why the haters in my life seem to all fall off
The closer that I get to the top//I see the crown slim down//til the cream of the crop is on the highest ground.

I feel like I'm standing on top of the worl
Nobody gonna bring me down.
Yeah it's a lonely road to go
But its the only one I've found.
I dont see raindrops,
Only sun now...
Pinch me I'm dreaming now.
Track Name: Make It
We're getting stronger every day I can feel it
(I can feel it)
They try to block the noise out but they can hear it
(They hear it)

It's been a long time coming
Lets dont waste it
It's now or never, tell me
Are you ready..
To Make It

We're gonna make it
We're gonna make it
There's too much talent here to waste it.
We're gonna make it
We're gonna make it now, hey, hey

But if we can't break down the walls we built
Let's climb over it (x2)

(Verse 2)
We're getting stronger every day I can feel it
(I can feel it)
And the whole world's lookin at us right now
They can see it (They can see it)


We're going so hard every week
I swear
It's like we're living history in the making...
and we flooding the streets with a symphony
I swear it wont be long til we make it.