50 Gs


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Verse I:
I got 50 Gs around me honey,
I dont need a necklace.
Im talkin bout, 50 Gs
With me that'll ride to tell.
Straight to the top, 'cause
Everyone should have (50 Gs)
On 'em when they ridin' out (yea, yea, yea).
You don't even know,
I've been around the world and back again.
You'd think I'm living in the clouds,
That's where I lay me down my head.
Feels like home, but
Everytime I touch back down,
I got 50 Gs, with me when I'm ridin' out...

50 Gs On Me (x4)
If they mess with me--
Shoot 'em Up (Bang Bang)
If they mess with me--
Shoot 'em up (Bang Bang)

Verse II:
If you wanna go forward,
Let's go backwards.
Lemme take you back to the past.
Back to Detroit
Back to the food stamp
Back to the gun shots
Back to the hood rats.
Let's go back to the days
Of the brok down Pontiac-
Everybody in the fam,
Living in the same address.
We was 50 deep
Up in that bungalo -- (Damn)

Let's fast forward
Ten years later.
We still going,
Thank you haters.
Try and tell me I can't make it,
Look at me,
I'm almost famous.
You should put ya hand's up
Cuz baby Im surrounded,
Im so rich,
I got 50 Gs, on it.

(Hook) x2


released May 9, 2011
Vocals: Harmony Muzik
Written by: M. Turner
Produced by: Benny Rome
Engineer: Scotty Beam
Recorded at Rugged Soulz Studio in Silver Springs, MD.



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Harmony Muzik Washington, D.C.

Harmony Muzik™ is a national touring and recording Urban/Hip Hop artist and songwriter, based out of D.C..

Her music has been featured on numerous websites, fm and internet radio stations, and print publications. Harmony Muzik™ is currently working on her 4th studio album and making travel plans for her next tour. Download all her current releases here on Bandcamp!
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