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Hiyaku: Big Jump, Growth, Progress.


This ain't no struggle music // this sound like Victory
Set to the tune of a hero having epiphanies,
On top a mountain crest // I'm having a vision quest
Answering these questions like,
"Don't I deserve the very best?" (yes)
I feel I'm bout to kill it
Tabi right with me so its 'bout to get Vicious.
Music Fragile // DJ's break it
Put it on the table, let 'em scratchatory rape it.
Just let it sssss tslip right thru ya fingers
Sink into ya ear drum // Leak into ya veins -- this is potent.
I got that venomous sedative // sumthin like a post-apocalyptic contagion.
I hope you gettin the picture // Cuz I don't speak in encryption
My diction clearer than crystal, listen // I'm preaching 'Conviction'
Grab it , Hold it // Don't let 'em take it from you -
You deserve to have a happy ending in your story too.


Magical, Radical dreams // By any means (wooo)
Only select few
Champ compatible // Destiny Stamped
Visions of Money bags
8-hour jet lags // Dodging all these set traps (wooooo)
Close call
Been here since I bought a final call
Been goin ham equivalent to onyx doin slam (da da duh)
Frying pans all upside yo head
Another bad romance
Gaga on her period.
Pow-wow with the stars // Being one is not a prob
If people on your dick then obviously they'll drop they draws
You deserve the best // Prep yourself and take them steps
Spiral stairscase to your goals goin manifest (woooooo)
Don't look down // People topple crowns
Shooting Stars, this is ours // girlies throwing bras
Even fat boys, I told chico the world is ours
Tab Bonney, Buckle up yung we goin far.


released August 28, 2012
Written by M. Turner and T. Bonney. Produced by Mr. Klimatic. Recorded at Depth Charge Studios with Zechariah Wise (Alexandria, VA).



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Harmony Muzik Washington, D.C.

Harmony Muzik™ is a national touring and recording Urban/Hip Hop artist and songwriter, based out of D.C..

Her music has been featured on numerous websites, fm and internet radio stations, and print publications. Harmony Muzik™ is currently working on her 4th studio album and making travel plans for her next tour. Download all her current releases here on Bandcamp!
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