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Title track off forthcoming mixtape- Gen X [due Spring 2011].


I am the future
I am what comes next.
Product of nineties,
Generation Excess.
So high-tech, yep
Never Break a Sweat.
Reach another level of success so effortless.
Freshman, Like im on the XXL list,
Me and my team, Excelin', we got this.
Please step back, its a clash of the Titans,
What im bout to say next,
Ion't mean no dis'--
But all the Diddy's Hovas,
Time to move over.
Make room for the J.Cole's,
Make room for the Yelawolfs,
Red Cafe's and XO's
Welcome to the future -- Lets Go

Welcome to the future
the future, the future, the future.
(I know what the future holds)
This is Futuristic-Muzik (x2)

[Verse 2]
I'm so hungry, overzealous attitude.
Type A personality, so I never lose.
Skin so thick, so ya know that I never bruise,
Drive so smooth, no break--hit the cruise.
Excuse me, I know I'm talkin outta turn,
But these old heads in the front
Make it hard for me to learn.
Seems like the seniors, they dont wanna graduate,
Bunch of Van Wilders, taking up Myspace.
You 39 and you never had a deal,
Prolly never will,
You should quit now while you still--
Got a lil pride in ya, a lil time in ya,
You should slide to the side joe,
You biden the line-up/line up.


[Verse 3]
Stupid tho,
Headed to the show,
Who they rootin' for?
You should know, n***a we da pros
Smokin by da O
Hustlin by the stove
Steady clockin like a clock moe
Born on the bottom,
Now a n***a on da top floor.
Got that future flow,
N**ga thats goin bring me that future dough.
But for the time being,
O's we movin those,
My waist and nine being
For foes who want it tho.
Go 'head and sleep cuz I,
Know what the future holds.
Me selling platinum and gold,
Clouds of that sticky smoke
One come up I can be a front runner, Stunt
Younger generation, so see imma young gunner
Jump out there, and see from the D, not the M.V.
But there's haters who envy in all three.


released April 11, 2011
Produced by Basshedz.
Written by M. Turner & J. Walton.
Performed by Harmony Muzik feat. Uptown XO



all rights reserved


Harmony Muzik Washington, D.C.

Harmony Muzik™ is a national touring and recording Urban/Hip Hop artist and songwriter, based out of D.C..

Her music has been featured on numerous websites, fm and internet radio stations, and print publications. Harmony Muzik™ is currently working on her 4th studio album and making travel plans for her next tour. Download all her current releases here on Bandcamp!
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